Biotech Updates

Low Impact of GM Over Conventional Maize

October 9, 2009

An environmental assessment study supported by the European Union to analyze the likely impact of GM corn over conventional corn was conducted at Girona, Spain. Twelve corn fields were planted with GM corn in 2004 and were planted with conventional seeds the following season. Results showed that volunteer genetically modified plants in these areas are low, less than 30 plants per hectare. Pollen dispersal is also limited because the pollen range is much shorter than conventional corn. Cross-pollination is therefore very low.

The presence of adventitious GM seeds ranged from 0.016 and 0.16%, well below the 0.9% target set by European legislation. The report concluded that adventitious GM presence is very low, hence, labeling is not required. In addition, cross pollination and volunteer plants can be easily controlled by agricultural techniques and can be considered as a negligible hazard.

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