Biotech Updates

EFSA and NGOs Meet to Discuss GMOs

October 9, 2009

Five members of the European Union Food Safety Authority's (EFSA) GMO Panel and EFSA scientific officers met with non government organization representatives Helen Holder and Werner Mueller of Global 2000/Friends of the Earth, Austria and Janet Cotter of Greenpeace in Parma, Italy. The meeting was held to discuss genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as part of its commitment to hold a regular open dialog with concerned stakeholders.

EFSA Executive Director Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle welcomed all participants to the meeting and Per Bergman, the Head of the GMO unit presented EFSA's work on GMO risk assessment including actions arising from the December 2008 conclusions from the Environmental Council. The meeting focused on issues related to GM maize Mon810, GM rice (LLRice 62), as well as EFSA's review of long-term environmental risk assessment and environmental impacts of herbicide tolerant GM crops.

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