Crop Biotech Update

Audit on USDA Controls Over GM Plants and Animals

January 16, 2009

The Office of Inspector General of the United States Department of Agriculture (DA) has submitted the results of an audit of the DA controls over the importation of transgenic plants and animals to the Secretary for International and Homeland Security Affairs and Biotechnology Office. Controls were found to be appropriate for current risk associated with transgenic crops although  “no control is in place that would identify undeclared, regulated transgenic plants or identify a shipment of undeclared transgenic plants unknown to the U.S. regulatory system.” No import control policy is available for transgenic animals and its products.

The Office recommended that the USDA develop and implement a strategy to monitor the development of transgenic plants and animals abroad. In addition USDA needs to strengthen its coordination with other Federal agencies to "mitigate future risks to the U.S. environment, agriculture, and trade."

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