Crop Biotech Update

Collaborations to Develop Nitrogen-Efficient Sorghum, Insect Resistant Corn

January 16, 2009

U.S.-based Arcadia Biosciences Inc announced that it has entered an agreement with Advanta India Ltd to develop  nitrogen-use efficient (NUE) sorghum. Under the deal, Advanta will have exclusive global rights to use Arcadia's NUE technology in sorghum, in return for an upfront payment, milestone fees and a share in sales. Financial details were not disclosed.

On a separate note, DuPont is teaming up with Athenix to improve insect control in corn and soybeans.  DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred will use proprietary insect-resistance trait genes from Athenix to develop and commercialize next-generation corn and soybean seed products.

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