Biotech Updates

Studies in Switzerland Show GMOs are Safe

June 27, 2008

The Federal Office of the Environment of Switzerland carried out a program of research on biosafety in non-human gene technology between 2004 and 2007. The aim was to acquire a scientific basis for implementing the safety requirement laid down in the Gene Technology Act. The FOEN also supported a program of studies into the impact of gene technology on living organisms, which had previously been under- or not at all researched. Some of the findings were:
  • current discussion of the ethics of risk showed that neither a strong precautionary principle nor a pure cost/benefit analysis is adequate for assessing the release of GMOs.
  • genetically modified crops currently being cultivated has very low probability of adversely affecting bees and other insects. Transgenic plants resistant to harmful fungi were also found to retain their symbiosis with useful soil fungi.
  • genetically modified insect-resistant Bt-maize plants and conventional varieties of maize have no differences in terms of impact on soil ecosystem.
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