Crop Biotech Update

Report on Field Operations of Large Microalgae Production

May 16, 2008
Green Star Products, Inc. (GSPI), a company with one of the world’s largest demonstration facilities for microalgae production, has issued a full report on the problems and engineering solutions of their algae production operations in their facility at Montana (USA). In Phase 1, solutions to address the “daunting operational problems” of the company’s Algae Process System were studied. The report says that Phase 1 is complete, and has been “successful in controlling the most important variables in algae production, i.e. temperature of water in large systems, salinity (salt content), evaporation, pH (acidity-alkalinity) and initial costs of construction”. Phase 2, which tested the limits of survival of the company’s proprietary algal strain (ZX-13), has also been completed. Strain ZX-13 was shown to survive peak temperatures of 115 oC “for several hours on successive days”. It also survived salinity levels beyond the normal limits of saltwater algae. In Phase 3, the “successful testing and results of the cold weather program has provided invaluable data about efficiency of the environmental control system” for the algae production process. A complete copy of the report can be accessed at the GSPI website (URL above)..