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German Ag-Industries Say EU Biotech Policy Affecting Supply Problem

May 16, 2008

A group of German food and feed industry associations have expressed their concern about the negative implications of the European Union biotech policy particularly on agricultural supply problems in Germany. In a discussion paper, the group noted in particular the prohibition in the importation of food/feed products containing traces of unapproved biotech events in the EU. Germany will be unable to maintain competitiveness and secure supply of agricultural commodities especially in the light of new biotech events such as the second generation RR soybeans, being introduced in the U.S. and other major soybean producing countries.

Among other concerns, the association noted that the EU has established a zero-tolerance for imports of ag-products. This zero-tolerance rule is applied even if the EU approval process for this GMO has already noted that the European Food Safety Authority  (EFSA) has completed its risk assessment with a supportive evaluation report. The association called for GM agricultural commodities approval procedures to be significantly expedited while maintaining current safety standards.

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