Biotech Updates

Plant Bioscience Enters Licensing Agreement

May 16, 2008

Plant Bioscience Limited, a UK based independent intellectual property (IP) management and technology transfer corporation, announced that it has entered a license agreement with a biotech company in respect to the flavodoxin technology for enhancing crop performance. The technology was developed by scientists from the Universidad Nacional de Rosario in Argentina.

Flavodoxin is a protein from cyanobacteria that provides plants with tolerance to iron starvation and abiotic stress. The protein prevents disruption of the plant photosynthetic machinery under stress conditions by acting as an alternative electron carrier. Flavodoxin has been shown to work well in numerous plant species.

Under the agreement, the undisclosed biotech company will be given exclusive commercial rights to use the technology to ten crop species, including maize, soybean, oilseed rape, cotton and rice.