Biotech Updates

Taiwan Implements Stacks Registration

May 16, 2008

According to a US Department of Agriculture Global Agriculture Network Report (GAIN), Taiwan has implemented a registration for stacked traits, effective, immediately, in accordance with a notice by the Department of Health. Taiwan does not intend to make a notification to the World Trade Organization (WTO), since the country believes that the notice is just supplementary to existing GM registration requirements on single events.

According to the guidelines, commercial stacked events belonging to Category 1 (stack traits unrelated) and 2 (stack traits related but with different mode of action) are allowed to submit a simplified dossier for DOH’s approval registration review. Events belonging to Category 3 (two or more traits that function in the same biosynthetic pathway), on the other hand, will be required to submit a comprehensive dossier for full review. There are some 20 commercial stacked corn events available in the market, one of which falls into Category 2, and the rest are Category 1.

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