Crop Biotech Update

Finnish Company Produces “World’s First” Green Diesel

May 16, 2008;41;540;1259;1260;9644;10310
Finland-based Neste Oil Corporation announced the launching of its “Green Diesel”, said to be the “first in the world” that suits all diesel motors. The product is a 10% blend of a biodiesel component (called “”NexBTL”) and 90% regular diesel. The biodiesel component is produced using a technology which uses feedstocks that include palm oil, rapeseed oil and animal fats. The company’s medium term goal is to increase the proportion of inedible feedstocks by 60% in the next ten years. According to the Renewable Energy Magazine website, the inedible feed stock may include algae. The company also plans to construct two additional biodiesel plants in Porvoo (Finland) and in Singapore..