Biotech Updates

HCM Seeks New Source of Energy

May 2, 2008

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is gearing up to accelerate research and development projects on new kinds of energy and expects to market ethanol-blended gasoline by the end of 2009, says the director of the City Department of Science and Technology Phan Minh Tan. Authorities are working on a quality standard system to be applied to ethanol-blended gasoline. In addition, the city government had issued temporary incentives to facilitate the development of the biofuel industry.

Some of the government initiatives include studies to manufacture bio-diesel from the waste produced from  cooking oil, which is already in the final stage in the HCMC’s University of Technology's Petrochemical Center. The Department of Science and Technology has also joined with Japan's University of Tokyo to develop a project in Cu Chi District that will produce alcohol from straw. In addition, two private companies are already planning to produce alternative sources of energy including biopetrol and solar power batteries.

The government and private investments into ethanol production is a breakthrough in setting up a new energy source in Vietnam. The energy source will be used not only as a partial replacement of petroleum energy but also as a clean and environment-friendly energy source.

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