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FAO Conference to Tackle World Food Security

May 2, 2008

World food security and the challenges of climate change and bioenergy will be the main issues to be tackled during a high level international conference to be sponsored by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome this June. Heads of State and government ministers are expected to discuss ways to assist countries and the international community to find sustainable solutions to these current concerns. The conference will:

  • Identify new challenges facing world food security, supply and demand side, policies and market structure. 
  •  Provide a better understanding of the nexus between food security, climate change and bioenergy. 
  •  Identify a process for institutional action for the integration of food security safeguards into international climate-related and sustainable bioenergy agreements. 
  •  Discuss and adopt policies, strategies and programs for ensuring world food security particularly measures to address soaring food prices. 
  •  Come out with a declaration on “World Food Security and required actions.”

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