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Experts Discuss How Enabling Policies Can Unleash the Benefits of Animal Biotech

April 17, 2024

Animal biotechnology holds promise for a more sustainable and secure global food supply. This technology can improve food production through increased yield, disease resistance, and better adaptability to climate change. Dr. Eric Hallerman, professor at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and his co-authors, tackled the importance of enabling regulations for animal biotech in a review article published in CABI Agriculture and Bioscience.

The article highlights the role of animal biotechnology in enhancing animal welfare and producing food with qualities consumers desire. However, for these benefits to reach consumers, clear regulations are needed. Regulations should be based on the level of risk posed by the specific biotechnology and consider if similar results could be achieved through conventional breeding methods. Ideally, these regulations would be internationally aligned to facilitate trade. Open communication with the public about the science behind animal biotechnology is also crucial to build trust and acceptance.

The authors recommend researchers to be familiar with the national regulations in place, while regulators should have a strong understanding of the science behind new technologies. Frequent communication and consultations between these two groups can significantly speed up the approval process for biotechnology products.

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