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Review of Wearable Sensors for Plant Health Monitoring

January 17, 2024

Chinese researchers reviewed the current research developments about wearable sensors used to monitor plant health. Their findings showed that wearable sensors could analyze plant species and life stages.

Plant health is directly related to crop quality, agricultural productivity, and food security. One way to ensure that plants are healthy is through monitoring them using wearable sensors, which provide real-time and in-situ information about physiological biomarkers. However, a thorough overview of wearable plant sensors across different aspects is currently lacking.

Researchers from China produced a detailed synthesis of recent advances in wearable sensor properties, technology, and usage in plant health monitoring. The researchers also mentioned the limitations of wearable sensors and suggested ways to overcome them. The review will help other researchers make informed decisions regarding early plant health assessment, crop management, and resource optimization.

For more information, read the journal article on Plant Biotechnology Journal.

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