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Plasma-Activated Water Boosts Germination and Growth of Mung Beans

January 10, 2024

Researchers from National Taiwan University identified the effects of plasma-activated water (PAW) on the seed germination of mung beans. The method was shown to boost crop growth and may be used as a reference for other types of seeds.

The plasma-activated water (PAW) technique uses water exposed to cold atmospheric plasma discharge, resulting in a biocidal agent with distinct biochemical properties due to highly reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (RONS). The PAW method demonstrates great potential in enhancing seed germination, but its exact mechanism remains unclear. Thus, the scientists investigated the role of plasma-activated water in the growth of mung beans.

The research team identified differentially expressed genes (DEGs) that were upregulated or downregulated due to PAW, such as those related to growth regulation, stress responses, and metabolic processes. Their findings offered insights into PAW's benefits and regulatory mechanisms in sustainable agriculture.

For more information, read the journal article on Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture.

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