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Researchers Pinpoint Key Gene for Cotton Yield and Fiber Quality

January 10, 2024

Through genetic linkage maps, multi-environmental phenotype data, and transcriptome studies, researchers from the Institute of Cotton Research of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences discovered a gene that regulates fiber quality and yield traits in cotton. Their findings are published in the Journal of Advanced Research.

Upland cotton is the largest source of natural fiber from plants. Breeding better cotton varieties with favorable fiber quality and yield traits has challenged researchers. Thus, finding the genetic basis of yield and fiber quality is highly significant in cotton improvement.

Using multiple techniques, the researchers were able to pinpoint the gene GhCesA4 that affects multiple cotton traits concerning fiber quality and yield. For instance, the gene positively regulates fiber length and strength but negatively controls lint percentage.

The study contributes relevant data about genetic resources for multi-trait collaborative improvement in upland cotton.

Read the articles from the Institute of Cotton Research and the Journal of Advanced Research for more details.

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