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China Takes a Step Closer to Boosting Production of GM Corn and Soybean

October 25, 2023

According to the Ministry of Agriculture in China, the country approved 37 genetically modified (GM) corn seeds and 14 GM soybean seed varieties on October 17. China is the top importer of corn and soybeans all over the world. This is a milestone that is significant for the promotion of food security and self-sufficiency in the country.

The pilot program for commercial planting of GM corn and soybean crops started in 2021, and the trial was expanded to 20 counties in five provinces in China. According to a report in Securities Times, the acreage designated for planting GM crops in China is still very small. This year, the acreage reached just 4 million mu (267,000 hectares).

Nevertheless, GM corn and soybean seed varieties foresee an increase in production and yield by as much as 12%. The national market for GM corn is predicted to be worth as much as 60 billion yuan ($8.2 billion).

For more information, read the article from Farm Policy News.

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