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Yuan Longping Hi-Tech's GM Corn and Soybean Receive Biosafety Certificates

January 18, 2023

China's Yuan Longping High-tech Agriculture has received biosafety certificates for genetically modified (GM) corn and soybean seeds. These approvals will pave the way for the commercial cultivation of the GM seeds.

The GM corn was developed in partnership with the Biotechnology Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It exhibits significant resistance to main corn pests and can tolerate four times the normal dosage of glyphosate herbicide. The GM soybean, developed by Hangzhou Ruifeng Bioscience in which Yuan Longping High-tech is a shareholder, has resistance to soybean pests.

Both certificates are valid for five years. With the granted certificates, Yuan Longping High-tech can commence the development of more GM seeds with the said traits. Once the review by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs is completed, the company will be able to take the seeds to market.

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