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Argentina-based GDM Prepares to Launch 13 GM Soybeans in South Africa

March 1, 2023

Argentina-based plant genetics company GDM has applied for registration in South Africa of 13 soybean varieties after the country approved the use of a new GMO seed technology, according to company executives.

It is expected that three of the 13 soybean varieties will be pre-launched this year, as the firm hopes to bolster its South African business and prepare incursions throughout the region.

All the 13 soybean varieties that GDM plans to register in South Africa feature Bayer's INTACTA RR2 PRO GMO seed technology, designed to help soy plants resist caterpillars and glyphosate. According to GDM, South Africa's approval of that technology came in 2021.

For more details, read this news release.

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