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Study Reveals Role of Activator Gene in Tomato Growth and Ripening

March 1, 2023

A team of researchers from Ain Shams University and other institutions conducted a study to characterize the transgenic Micro-Tom plants and revealed new insights into tomato fruit ripening. Their findings are published in Transgenic Research.

Auxin is a plant hormone that controls several growth and development traits. The researchers described the characteristics of a new transcriptional activator SIARRI which binds specific DNA sequences in Arabidopsis plants. SIARRI functions as a two-component response regulator and belongs to the subfamily of type-B response regulators in the cytokinin signaling pathway.

The results showed that overexpression of SIARRI in tomato could influence several unrelated traits involved in fruit development and ripening. This finding implied that the gene is a primary regulator of leap morphology and fruit development. Furthermore, overexpression of the gene caused shorter hypocotyl elongation, enlarged leaf vascularization, and decreased apical dominance.

Read more findings in Transgenic Research.

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