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Review Paper Presents Role of Lactoferrin in Plant Defense

January 11, 2023

Experts from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine reviewed the general principles of plant protection against pathogens and the role of iron and antimicrobial peptide metabolism in plant immunity. The review paper is released in Transgenic Research.

Crops are prone to many diseases due to pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The article shows the antibacterial, fungicidal, and antiviral action principles of lactoferrin, a mammalian secretory glycoprotein, and lactoferrin peptides and their role in protecting plants from phytopathogens. It also contains a comprehensive analysis and potential prospects of using the lactoferrin gene to improve the resistance of plants to different phytopathogens, as well as the impacts of this biotech approach over the present techniques used in protecting plants from various diseases.

Read the review paper in Transgenic Research.

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