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DREB Mechanism Found to Mediate Resistance to Multiple Stress Factors in Banana

December 14, 2022

A team from the Chinese Academy of Tropical Sciences identified the gene MaDREB1F to hold a mechanism to confer cold and drought stress resistance in banana. The findings add to substantial implications for engineering tropical crops with cold- and drought-tolerance traits.

Seedlings of the banana cultivar Brazil were planted inside a greenhouse to conduct the study to determine how MaDREB1F encodes a dehydration responsive element binding (DREB) protein transcription factor with nuclear localization and transcriptional activity.

Initial findings found that after submitting the materials to cold, drought, and salt treatment, MaDREB1F overexpression significantly enhanced banana resistance to cold and drought stress. Notable observations include the modulation of soluble sugar's and proline's metabolite levels, activation of the antioxidant system, and promotion of jasmonate and ethylene substances. According to the scientists, these findings offer new insight into the common mechanism of the DREB1s-mediated cold and drought stress resistance that can help find solutions for affected plant species, including bananas.

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