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Molecular Analysis Shows Varied Responses of Plants to Stress

June 9, 2022

La Trobe University scientists analyzed the molecular characteristics of Arabidopis, rice, and barley and found varied responses to common abiotic stresses. The results are published in BMC Plant Biology.

Selecting target genes and pathways to alter response to abiotic stresses requires information on the molecular similarities or differences between plants, such as model or crop species. Thus, Adreas Hartmann and team analyzed the transcriptomatic responses of model plant Arabidopsis, and crops rice and barley to six treatments including hormones, treatments that cause oxidative stress, inhibit respiration, or induce genetic damage.

Results showed common and conflicting reactions of Arabidopsis, rice, and barley. Several differentially expressed genes were found between treatments and species, wherein 70% of the genes overlapped with at least one other treatment within a species, which implies the presence of an overlapping response network. About 15 to 34% of the genes, including prominent salt-stress responsive genes, showed opposite reactions between species, which indicates diversity in responses.

Read the research article for more findings.

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