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CRISPR-Cas12b/C2c1 Tested in Targeted Mutagenesis of a Dicot

May 20, 2020

Cas12b/C2c1 has been identified as class 2 endonuclease that can be used for targeted genome editing in rice and mammals. To elucidate its potential applications in dicots, CRISPR-Cas12b system was tested in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Researchers from Hebei University of Science and Technology in China selected BvCas12b and BhCas12b v4 for analysis. Both endonucleases were successfully applied to cause mutations, conduct multiplex genome editing, and create large deletions at multiple loci. There were no significant mutations detected at potential off-target locations. The team also reported the results of their analysis of the insertion/deletion frequencies and patterns of mutants generated using targeted gene mutagenesis which showed the potential use of CRISPR-Cas12b systems for genome editing in Arabidopsis.

Read the abstract in the Journal of Integrative Plant Biology.

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