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COVID-19 Treatment Efforts Using Plant Technologies

May 13, 2020

In December 2019, Wuhan City in China became the epicenter of a respiratory disease outbreak with mysterious origins, that spread to many countries immediately. To investigate the matter and control the disease roll out, suspected and infected patients were placed in isolation, contact tracings were conducted, and detailed clinical and epidemiologic data were gathered. These efforts led the Chinese experts to find the cause of the disease  ̶  a novel coronavirus strain from patient groups in Wuhan. The outbreak is believed to originate from a local market in the City that sells wild animals as food.

Pathogens such as coronaviruses continue to evolve through time, thus, scientists are forced to double their efforts to combat diseases, particularly COVID-19, with the aid of every instrument in our global health technology toolbox including plant-based techniques. Download ISAAA Pocket K 58 for updates on COVID-19 treatments using plant technologies.

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