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Experts Discover Rice Proteins Vital for Pollination

May 6, 2020

University of Adelaide and Shanghai Jiao Tong University researchers discovered two proteins in rice that are essential in the successful pollination of flowering plants.

According to their study published in Nature Plants, pollen apertures are portals on the surface of pollen which mark the site where the pollen tube emerges and allow water uptake, which is critical for pollen germination and agricultural yield. The researchers pinpoint a lectin receptor-like kinase in rice, OsDAF1, which is vital in annulus formation, and thus for fertility. Another protein, OsINP1, was found to be important in aperture formation and pollen tube germination. It was also revealed that OsINP1 interacts with OsDAF1 to direct annulus formation. If OsINP1 is not present, the localization of OsDAF1 at the aperture site is disrupted, which leads to the absence of the whole aperture and resulting in male sterility.

The results of the study add information on how to enhance cereal productivity and ultimately benefit global food security.

Read more in Nature Plants.

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