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Genome-edited Camelina Receives Positive Response from USDA APHIS, Field Trial Proceeds

April 29, 2020

Photo Source: Oil Seed Crops

To confirm the regulatory status of the genome-edited C3007 trait in camelina, its developer, Yield10 Bioscience submitted an "Am I regulated?" letter to the Biotechnology Regulatory Services (BRS) of the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. BRS responded positively, indicating that the plant lines do not meet the definition of a regulated article under 7 CFR Part 340.

The genome-edited camelina lines have increased oil content to help increase the supply of omega fatty acid-containing oils for human nutrition and aquaculture markets. With the clarification of the regulatory status of the genome-edited camelina, the developers will proceed with the conduct of field trials in the 2020 growing season.

Read the inquiry letter from Yield10 Bioscience and the response from BRS for more information.

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