Biotech Updates

Japan Initiates Discussion of Labeling for Genome Edited Foods

June 5, 2019

The Food Labeling Committee of Japan's Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) held its first public meeting on May 23, 2019, to study how products derived from genome editing could be labeled. The CAA has plans to hold multiple meetings, but stated that any labeling requirements might align with Japan's regulations and standards for genome-edited products.

During the meeting, 16 experts on different consumer issues discussed how products from genome editing could be labeled. Members of the Food Labeling Committee expressed interest in a number of areas including detection of non-genetically engineered genome-edited products and the possibility of developing detection technologies in the future. Some committee members commented that if non-GE genome-edited products are technically the same as those derived from natural breeding, it seems unreasonable to have to label genome-edited products.

The CAA will hold its next hearing in June 2019. Read more details in the US FAS GAIN Report.