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Vietnamese Scientists Develop Drought Tolerant Rice Lines

April 10, 2019

Gene encoding DREB1A transcription factors from other plants, including Arabidopsis, corn, canola, barley, rice, tomato, and wheat have been cloned and many studies proved expression of DREB1A increase drought tolerance in transgenic plants. In a previous study, MtOsDREB1A gene was isolated and the OsDREB1A gene was successfully transformed into the Chanh Trui rice variety. The results are published in the Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Results showed that the four lines of the transgenic plants maintained the transgene up to the T3 generation. After three weeks of drought or no water supply, the transgenic rice lines showed the ability to recover. Expression test results showed that OsDREB1A and some drought tolerant indicator genes in transgenic plants had enhanced expression under drought conditions. The results of the study showed that enhancement of OsDREB1A expression is correlated with enhanced expression of control genes and related drought tolerance of the transgenic lines.

Read the original article in Vietnamese in the Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development.