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CRISPR Residency Program for Artists Launched

March 27, 2019

Art can be an effective way to facilitate conversations and explore concepts that can elevate our understanding of scientific advances. With this notion, Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI) and Stochastic Labs launched a unique and first of its kind artist residency program on CRISPR. Dubbed as CRISPR (un)commons Artist Residency, the program is set to gather the best creative minds for conversations on the future technology, science, entrepreneurship, and the arts. The goal of the program is to foster creative new perspectives, introduce CRISPR to broader audiences, and catalyze deeper engagement with the technology's fascinating implications. 

Five artists namely Andy Cavatorta, Alison Irvine, Kate Nichols, Sheng-Ying Pao, and Dorothy R. Santos have been invited to engage with the technology and make creative works on CRISPR.

Read the media release from IGI.