Biotech Updates

Soybean Farmer Sets New Record Yield

November 16, 2007

Kip Cullers, a farmer from Purdy, Missouri, has set a new world record in soybean production at 154 bushels per acre, or about 15 more bushels obtained in 2006. Cullers planted Pioneer soybean variety 94M80.

"Cullers' achievement provides an opportunity to see how genetics and crop management play a role in higher yields and to share information that may help other growers increase their productivity,” said Paul Schickler, DuPont vice president and general manager and president of Pioneer Hi-Bred.

DuPont announced the commercialization of soybean varieties using a technology that increases yields by as much as 12 percent per acre. Accelerated Yield Technology™ (AYT) uses proprietary molecular breeding techniques to rapidly scan and identify genes that increase yield and then incorporates them into elite soybean genetics.

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