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Contribution of Biotech to New Zealand

November 16, 2007

Biotechnology adoption has played a positive but not a dominant role in New Zealand's primary sector growth. It might have an important contribution to the country's overall social,economic, environmental, and cultural well-being. This was forwarded by William Kaye-Blake and colleagues from Lincoln University, New Zealand.

"Current contributions of four biotechnologies to New Zealand's primary sector" published in AgBioForum, presents results from a research to estimate the economic contribution made by the commercialized application of four key biotechnologies: clonal propagation/cell manipulation, bio-control agents, enzyme manipulations, and marker-assisted selection (MAS). The  total direct net benefit of the four biotechnology innovations is estimated to be NZ$266 million per year with clonal propagation/cell manipulation representing the largest contributor. The least-commercialized biotechnology was MAS, contributing less than NZ$1 million.

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