Biotech Updates

A New Hybrid Rice Group Aims to Increase Rice Yield in the Tropics

November 16, 2007

An international research initiative, the Hybrid Rice Research and Development Consortium (HRDC), aims to boost the research and development of hybrid rice in the tropics. HRDC was established by the International Research Institute (IRRI) to strengthen public–private sector partnership in hybrid rice technology. The technology has helped China achieve food security but  its potential has not yet reached the tropics. The HRDC aims to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Support research on developing new hybrids with enhanced yield, improved seed production, multiple resistances to stresses, and grain quality.
  • Support research on best management practices for rice hybrids.
  • Improve information sharing, public awareness, and capacity building.

The HRDC will have a public–private sector advisory committee which will meet annually to provide information to its members on new plant genetic resources available or under development, review research on hybrid rice management, discuss new research priorities, and make decisions on other consortium activities such as capacity building for both the public and private sectors.

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