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IFPRI Study Says Farmers in Bangladesh Benefited by Adopting Bt Brinjal

March 13, 2019

"We don't find any problem with Bt brinjal," said Bangladesh Agriculture Minister Dr. Abdur Razzaque when he addressed more than 160 guests at a policy workshop titled Agricultural Transformation in Bangladesh: Evidence on Biotechnology and Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture at Hotel Intercontinental Dhaka on March 6, 2019. 

The Agriculture Minister also said that the government has come up with hybrid varieties including GMOs to ensure availability of safe and nutritious food. He said the adoption of Bt brinjal is a success story of the government of Bangladesh. The event was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, and Bangladesh Policy Research and Strategy Support Program (PRSSP) of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).

Dr. Akhter Ahmed, IFPRI country representative in Bangladesh, presented the impact of Bt Brinjal technology in the country. A study conducted by IFPRI study reports that Bt brinjal farmers significantly reduced applications and amount of pesticide sprayed while fruit and shoot borer infestation was nearly eliminated among Bt brinjal plants. Planting the crop also reduced production costs, the report said, adding that Bt brinjal yield increased by 40 percent. 

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