Biotech Updates

GM Chickens Developed to Lay Anti-cancer Eggs

February 6, 2019

Scientists from Roslin Technologies in Edinburgh used genetic engineering to develop chickens that lay eggs with drugs for arthritis and some cancers. The drugs are estimated to be 100 times cheaper to produce when laid compared to those manufactured in factories.

According to Dr. Lissa Herron, one of the researchers, the chickens do not suffer and are even "pampered" compared to the handling of animals in farms. "As far as the chicken knows, it's just laying a normal egg. It doesn't affect its health in any way, it's just chugging away, laying eggs as normal," she added.

The new approach produces better yield and is proven to be more efficient and cost-effective compared to previous attempts. The researchers believe that in time, production can be scaled up to produce medicines for commercial distribution.

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