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Research Reveals MON 810 and NK603 GM Maize Have No Effects on Rat Health or Metabolism

December 19, 2018

A new, unprecedented study conducted by a large research consortium led by INRA reports that a diet based on MON 810 or NK603 transgenic maize does not affect the health or metabolism of rats. Under the conditions of GMO 90+1 project, the researchers did not detect any harmful effects of the MON810 and NK603 maize diets on the health and metabolism of rats, even after a lengthy exposure period.

For six months, rats were fed a diet that contains either genetically modified (GM) maize (MON 810 or NK603) or non-GM maize, in varying concentrations. Using high-throughput biology techniques, the researchers did not find any significant biological markers related to the transgenic maize diet. Neither did anatomic pathology examination reveal any alteration of the liver, kidneys, or reproductive system of the rats whose diet contained GM maize. The period of six months, which is double that of the test required by European regulations, is equivalent to one third of the average lifespan of rats.

For more details, read the press release from Inserm or read the paper's abstract in Toxicological Sciences.