Biotech Updates

Scientists Review Gene Edited Crop Regulation in the US

October 24, 2018

Genome-edited crops are not regulated in the US, as regulators focus on the product and not the process, that is, as long as the GE product lacks recombinant DNA, no plant pest or pesticidal effect, and is as safe for food as the traditionally bred one, it is not subjected to regulation. Scientists Jeffrey Wolt and Clark Wolf of Iowa State University mentioned in their provisionally accepted article in Frontiers in Plant Science that regardless of this decision, "societal uncertainties" are still present, moving regulators to seek ways to modify the existing definition of biotechnology products and address these uncertainties. The authors mention that the laws and constitution related to the US Coordinated Framework for Biotechnology have major roles in decision making regarding the regulation of gene edited crops.

For more information, access the full article in Frontiers in Plant Science.