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Researchers Study Spatial Distribution and Losses Caused by Corn Ear Pests in Bt and Non-Bt Corn

August 15, 2018

Bt corn, a lepidopteran-resistant corn plant, has helped lessen crop loss caused by insect infestation, however, the farm landscape structure still requires attention and appropriate planning is needed for successful pest management. Thus, studying the spatial distribution of corn ear pests and the losses they cause is important.

In the study conducted in Brazil, scientists compared the distribution and damage caused by cornsilk fly, earworm and fall armyworm caterpillars, weevils, and grain beetles on Bt and non-Bt corn. Results showed that the damages between the two genotypes were significantly different. The damage and spatial distributions were the same in both genotypes, with aggregate damage distribution and moderate to strong spatial dependence.

The study substantially contributes to the monitoring of these corn ear pests and for developing strategies to reduce grain losses in the field and storage.

For more information, read the article in PLoS ONE