Biotech Updates

Biotechnology for Farmers Welfare and Poverty Reduction

November 15, 2017

N. Chandrasekhara Rao from the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi discussed the impact of biotechnology on farmers' welfare and poverty reduction in his paper published in the Agricultural Economics Research Review.

"The peer-reviewed research findings suggest higher yields, higher net income and lower chemical use with conservation tillage. The most recent meta-analysis estimated 22% yield gain associated with 39% reduction in plant protection expenditure and 68% higher net income. The longitudinal studies have shown that cultivation of these crops over the past 19 years has resulted in gains of 150 billion US Dollars to world agriculture. However, weeds developing resistance in some countries and pink bollworm becoming resistant to Bollgard II in India underline the need to combine agronomic measures for an effective pest management," Rao discussed in his article.

He also outlined a policy framework for biosafety, labeling, and transboundary movement in accordance with the Cartagena Protocol.

Read the paper for more information.