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Philippine Manufacturers Ask Government to Allow Palm Oil in Biofuels

August 30, 2017

The Federation of Philippine Industries (FPI) is requesting the government to amend the Biofuels Act to allow the use of palm oil, together with coconut oil as a fuel additive. They believe that this will reduce the cost of biofuels in the country.

The specifications, particularly the formulation for the fuel mix, in the Biofuels Act were specifically made so that only coconut can qualify. The Biofuels Act, passed in 2006, mandates mixing a percentage of biofuels in the making of local gasoline and petroleum diesel to decrease dependence on fuel imports and meet environmental goals.

Palm oil is used as a feedstock, particularly in biodiesel, to be mixed with petroleum diesel. Currently, the price of palm oil is half of the coconut oil price in the world market, or $1,500 per metric ton for coconut versus $725 per metric ton for palm oil.

In the law, both bioethanol and biodiesel are governed by the Philippine National Standards. The mandated biofuel percentage to total volume of liquid petroleum is now at 2%.