Biotech Updates

Students Launched the First Scientific Internet Radio Station in Egypt

December 1, 2016

Cairo University students under the BSc Biotechnology program launched the Scientific Square Radio (SSR). It is the first scientific radio station in Egypt and is located at the Central Library, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University. Prof. Naglaa Abdallah, Coordinator of the BSc Biotechnology program and Director of the Egypt Biotechnology Information Center (EBIC) highly supported the initiative. EBIC, a non-profit organization disseminating factual scientific information to different sectors including decision makers, sponsors SSR.

The main mission of the radio station is to raise scientific awareness by simplifying science to reach people from different categories, including non-scientific people. Science students from different Egyptian universities are involved to cover as many scientific branches as possible. SSR is the media voice for science to deliver the correct information to decision makers and the public. The SSR program covers activities such as the conduct of scientific conferences, interviews with pioneer scientists, decision makers and the general public, as well as partnering with the media. It will help students to chose their future career and understand different fields of science. The main language of the program is Arabic to reach people not only from Egypt but from other Arabic countries.

For more information about Scientific Square Radio, visit their FB page or contact Prof. Naglaa Abdallah at