Biotech Updates

Indian Farmers Benefit from GM Crops

November 16, 2016

Biotechnology has transformed the lives of farmers in India, especially their ability to earn more, increase yield, and reduce the need for pesticides. This is according to Aman Mann, daughter of Gurjeet Singh Mann who is a smallholder farmer in India. Aman is a graduate of biotechnology from Haryana University in India.

"After GM cotton, which naturally repels the menace of bollworms, our productivity jumped and our usage of pesticides on our cotton sank to almost nil. Today, more than 90 percent of my country's cotton is a product of biotechnology," Aman explains. She also discussed how professional propagandists who are against biotechnology affect the potential impact of GM crops to India's farmers and consumers.

"India has so much to gain from the latest agricultural technologies, which, for us in the developing world can make the difference between food security and malnutrition," she stressed.

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