Biotech Updates

Wageningen UR Develops Method for Selecting Plants with Better Photosynthesis

March 2, 2016

Scientists from Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands (Wageningen UR) have developed the first ever method for accurately and simultaneously measuring the photosynthesis of nearly 1,500 plants.

The method uses an image analysis robot called the Phenovator, designed by Wageningen UR. Aside from photosynthesis, the robot also measures the growth and movements of plants during daytime and nighttime. The Phenovator also facilitates new fundamental research into issues such as the heredity of photosynthesis. It can also specifically search for genes that are relevant to photosynthesis. In addition, the Phenovator can be used to study the influence of other processes on photosynthesis, such as changes in light intensity, temperature or drought, and which genes are involved in such processes.

For more details, read the news release at the Wageningen UR website.