Biotech Updates

ERECTA Gene's Identification and its Drought Adaptation with Common Bean

August 12, 2015

A team of researchers from Tennessee State University conducted a study evaluating the presence of drought tolerance gene in common bean genome.

In the study, the researchers were able to identify ERECTA gene located in chromosome 1 of common bean genome that is involved in drought tolerance. The researchers evaluated the gene's nucleotide diversity in wild common bean samples and cultivated common bean samples. The wild and cultivated common beans were characterized by geographic source and drought tolerance. The wild common beans were sampled from wet and dry habitats while the cultivated common beans were representative of landrace diversity.

Results revealed that the cultivated common bean has lower nucleotide diversity compared to wild common bean, which can be associated with the domestication process. The diversity found in wild common bean is more associated with ecological differences. These results can be useful in future common bean breeding programs.

To know more about the study, read the abstract available at Plant Science.