Biotech Updates

CDT Director: Bt Cotton Necessary to Boost Cotton Yields in Zambia

August 12, 2015

The Cotton Development Trust (CDT) is positive that insect resistant cotton will help decrease the concerns of farmers and will effectively contribute to cotton development in Zambia. According to CDT Director, Lwisya Silwimba, small-scale farmers face low productivity and high cost of production, which negatively affects the cotton industry in the country. Thus, there is a need for solutions to help the small-scale farmers.

"The cotton sector has continued to face various challenges and this is affecting growth…low seed cotton yields are the biggest production cost. They hamper income growth in the smallholder cotton sector and reduce its competitiveness…The only solution is to adopt Bt cotton generally, the reduction of production costs through Bt cotton will help achieve increased earnings for the farmers both in terms of revenue and improved profit margins. It will lead to increased productivity through higher production by existing farmers and will also provide an attractive environment for other potential farmers to enter the industry," Mr. Silwimba said.

CDT submitted an application letter in 2013 to the National Biosafety Authority to conduct research on biotech cotton in Zambia. CDT is still waiting for the approval. Read the news article from Africa News Hub.