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Malting Barley Variety Contains a New Allele of Acid Tolerance Gene

August 5, 2015

A team of researchers led by Miao Bian from the Huazhong Agricultural University conducted a study that will help in developing acid-tolerant malting barley. Acid tolerance is an important trait in crops since acid soils inhibit root growth which may lead to yield losses. An acid tolerance gene has already been identified, however, this gene causes undesirable malting trait quality.

In the study, the researchers were able to identify Br2, a Brazilian malting variety cultivar that is tolerant to acid soil. Further studies in this cultivar reveal that the HvMATE gene located in chromosome 4 is the one responsible for its acid tolerance. Based on the HvMATE gene the researchers then developed Cit7, a gene-specific marker that can be used for marker assisted selection in developing new acid tolerant barley varieties.

Read the details of the study at BMC Genetics.