Biotech Updates

ISAAA Releases Report on Biotech Cotton in India

April 29, 2015

Biotech cotton has transformed the cotton cultivation, production and export of raw cotton, and the availability of quality cotton for the Indian textile industry in the last 13 years (2002-2014). This new document Biotech Cotton in India 2002 to 2014 – Adoption, Impact, Progress and Future measures the success of biotech cotton by featuring a comprehensive overview of the adoption, impact, progress and future of biotech cotton in the country.

The document presents a synopsis of the 13 years of adoption and impact of Bt cotton since its first commercial release in 2002. It highlights the most relevant statistics and references on Bt cotton in India, including hectarage of Bt cotton hybrids, numbers of Bt cotton farmers, reduction in insecticides due to Bt cotton, and a chronology of approved Bt cotton events and hybrids. Highlighting the spike in cotton production and yield in both irrigated and rainfed cotton areas, the document tracks the performance of Indian cotton at international level where India's contribution to cotton production equals or more than that of China.

India produces a quarter of global cotton production and becomes a major exporter of cotton in the recent years. Importantly, the document  analyzes the contribution of Bt cotton in tripling the production of cotton oil and its relevance to the Indian edible oil sector, which is increasingly becoming dependent on imported edible oil. The document summarizes the impact of Bt cotton in India at the national and farm-level focusing on the socio-economic benefits during the 13 year-period of commercialization taking into account the 14 independent studies conducted by public institutions during that period.

The new document also presents the major highlights of India's largest and most comprehensive survey on Bt cotton of the Indian Society for Cotton Improvement (ISCI), that draws the key trends in cotton cultivation in India and confirms the widespread planting of Bt cotton in both rainfed and irrigated areas over a long period of time.

Download the document from the ISAAA and India Biotechnology Information Center websites. The document is available in English and Hindi.