Biotech Updates

Protein Involved in Root Structure Identified

April 1, 2015

A study made by a team of researchers led by Atsuko Kinshita from RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource led to the identification of a protein necessary in controlling root structure and is important in plant cell signaling pathway. This was done by closely examining the mutant Arabidopsis thaliana. The mutant A. thaliana is lacking plant U-box E3 ubiquin ligase (PUB-4).

The results of their study show that the mutant A. thaliana produced abnormalities in the stem cell number, meristematic cells, some root tissue cells, and delayed stem cell division. In addition, the mutant A. thaliana was unresponsive to molecular signaling to hinder root cell proliferation. These findings show the importance of PUB4 in root development, and will be helpful in studying plant signaling pathway.

Details of the story can be read at RIKEN's website.  The full paper can be accessed at Development's website.