Biotech Updates

New Agri-tech Center to Tackle Global Plant and Soil Challenges

February 25, 2015

A new research center was launched at the University of Sheffield to tackle global food security issues. The newly formed P3 (Plant Production and Protection) Centre of Excellence for Translational Plant and Soil Science will take world-class bench-top research in the field to solve many of the problems currently faced by plant and soil biology.

The center will look into issues such as how to feed the rapidly expanding global population whilst improving agricultural sustainability and securing crop protection against pests and diseases. Professor Duncan Cameron, co-director of P3, said "P3 unites research across the University into a single dedicated center which allows us to exploit our fundamental intellectual capital in agriculture right from the cell to the ecosystem and atmosphere. Ultimately it is enabling us to apply our science to real-world situations and improve the sustainability of agriculture."

For more details, read the news release or visit the P3 website.