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Response of GM Maize (DKC6575) Under Drought

February 25, 2015

Researchers from University of Parma and Sapienza University in Rome conducted a comparative study on the response and gene expression of GM maize variety, DKC6575, with its near-isogenic non-GM line, Tietar under drought conditions. The response and gene expression levels of both varieties were examined. GM maize was further analyzed for the changes in its transgene levels. This was done to provide information on the molecular characteristics and the behavior of the transgene under different environmental condition such as drought.

Results show that during the early phase of drought, both varieties' photosynthetic parameters were affected. However, DKC6575 was found to be more sensitive than Tietar. The profiling gene expression in drought conditions shows that amount of water determines the up and down regulation of genes with a higher regulation of stress-responsive genes in Tietar than DKC6575. This indicates the efficiency of both varieties under drought stress. The transgene levels of DKC6575 remained constant indicating that the amount of water does not influence its expression.

Read the full details of the study on PLoS ONE.